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Blow up your drawings with Art Bomb!

Art Bomb! is a drawing toy that lets you blow up your drawings, allowing you to look at them in new ways. Just press the bomb icon and your drawing will be altered according to a variety of algorithms. Sometimes your old drawings will even combine with your new ones! This can be used to spark your imagination and create quick concepts and new ideas.

The drawing engine and user interface are designed to be super simple, allowing for fast and easy study of shapes and silhouette. It is particularly useful for creating character concepts, and it has both horizontal and vertical mirroring modes.


  • “Random” and “Black and White” color modes
  • Horizontal and vertical mirroring modes
  • Simple user interface allows you to quickly develop ideas
  • Save your drawings to the photo album
  • Email your drawings
screenshot 1 screenshot 2 screenshot 3 screenshot 4 screenshot 5
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Art Bomb! XL also available for iPad!

The iPads larger screen makes it even easier to come up with great ideas!

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